Dropping: Now


Hungry for the adventures that lie beyond the realm of competitive mountain biking, this trio of world-renowned freeriders heads into the Himalayan hinterlands of the Kingdom of Bhutan to push the boundaries of what can be achieved on two wheels. At the behest of seminal big-mountain legend Darren ‘Bearclaw’ Berrecloth, the influential Cam McCaul and inspiring Casey Brown accept the challenge of exploring this uncharted frontier.

The riders


Darren B.

As one of the world’s foremost freeride mountain bike pioneers, Darren ‘Bearclaw’ Berrecloth has been pivotal in evolving the sport through his paradigm-setting performances at Red Bull Rampage and Joyride, as well as his unforgettable segments in the New World Disorder series and films such as Where the Trail Ends and North of Nightfall. With little left to prove in his career, Berrecloth turns to the planet’s tallest mountains for an altogether different test of mettle.


Cam M.

Another of freeride mountain biking’s most influential figures, Cam McCaul has left an indelible imprint on the sport through his rowdy film segments in the New World Disorder and Collective/Anthill Films anthologies. A standout veteran of the Red Bull Rampage and Joyride contests, McCaul now applies his expertise through his entertaining and informative commentary on such competitions. When invited by Berrecloth to join this world-first expedition to Bhutan, he had no choice but to accept.


Casey B.

Arguably the planet’s most important female mountain biker, Casey Brown has toured tirelessly on the UCI World Cup downhill and Enduro World Series circuits, finding her groundbreaking niche in the limitless realms of freeride and adventure mountain biking. Her style and stamina—not to mention her ever-buoyant personality—have made Brown a go-to team member for film and adventure trips. An invitation to travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan in search of remote singletrack and a mythical creature was pretty much guaranteed to get an affirmative answer.